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It’s Halloween!!

I know I am a little late with this post as Halloween is tomorrow, I extend my apologies!  It has been a busy time…  but we decided to host a Halloween party at our city house this year, and here are some pics of the decor and the sweet goodies I made for it.  I used Pinterest as my inspiration for most of it, and I have linked back to those people and posts whom had such great ideas for me!

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First, the decor.  I decided to go with a bunch of bats I found with just a few clicks on Amazon.  You can find them here..  I had to get some double-sided stickers/tape which I found at Target, but here are the exact ones I got.  They stuck to the bats, and they stuck to the walls without leaving behind any marks!  Perfect!

Then, just go bat crazy!

I put them high, low, all over… so much fun!  I did it over the past week and just did a few each night to spread it out and it wasn’t overwhelming.  But the Sunday after the party we had this past Saturday night, I decided to take them down as looking at all the creepiness that they bring can make an impact!  I felt a little liberated once they were all gone from the walls. I loved having them but I loved getting rid of them too!  Environment is important!  Make sure it doesn’t influence you too much and bring you down.

Next, I made some cute little glass mason jars covered in gauze, and add some googly eyes and you are almost there! I got some electronic small tea lights to fill the jars with so you don’t have to worry about flames… I found the inspiration here.

Then I was onto dessert!  I made three:  chocolate Pretzel Spiders with candied eyes, chocolate Rice Krispie Treats with googly eyes (are you noticing a trend here???  Something about the eyes???) and a Chocolate Spider Trifle cake. I modified each to fit what I had, and I will write up each recipe at another time, but for now, here they are:

The Chocolate Pretzel Spiders

These guys were fun to make – dip in some microwaved chocolate and add on the candy eyes, and whaalla!  Cuteness!  I cant remember if I saw this somewhere out there on the web or not, I looked but can’t find these exact.  I’ll post the recipe in the next few days when I can find a moment!

The Rice Krispie Treats

So I forgot (oops!!!) to get a personalized close up of these, so this is the best I can do. I got these eyes here… they give you lots of options! Boy were these yummy!

This one was kind of a fail… I tried to get the right syrup but I used one that was really runny on top, so the spider web didn’t come out so well.  I didn’t even want to photograph it.  But it looked great from the side!  I also had a bag of regular Halloween Candy that I scattered all around the dessert side table.

For the Appetizers, I did a nice big cheese plate with Brie, Dill Havarti, a Wine Cheddar & a Blue Cheese with crackers.  I had some hummus and a bunch of cut veggies too for those low carb people (which we are!  But this night was an exception.  You have to have cheat nights here and there!). 

I also did an Everything Bagel Cheese Pumpkin Ball.  Which was AWESOME if I do say so myself.  I got the inspo here, and I think it was as good as the pic from the original!  – Well, maybe not AS good, but close!

The last thing we did for the decor was the pumpkins.  My hubby Joe is the master when it comes to this.  He does amazing work and I am always blown away at how good he is at it.  This year I found a great idea about how to clean out the pumpkins – and this was some terrific advice! You can read about it here, but basically, you use a drill and a hand mixer beater.  It doesn’t mess with the seeds either, so we were able to cook those up with no harm done.  Joe uses a guide and covers it with saran wrap, here are some pics of it:

The Completed Art!

Yes, art.  Looks like it to me – right???  Here are the pumpkins he carved.  Notice the mess all around when doing this – no house is clean all the time…  especially ours!

This was during pre-party construction!  Of course, wine goes well once you are done with power tools!  This wine – Cappola Claret is particually delish!

The rest of the menu was Sliced, Marinated London Broil, Homemade Mac and Cheese, and Green Bean Casserole (Trader Joe’s Style – here are some other great things I love from Trader Joe’s).  More to come on those in later posts! 

We had a fun time, we hope our guests did too!  We enjoy each and every one of you.  Please come back again soon!

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