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Great Room Renno

This room is the main room in our "cabin" in North Georgia. We started building it in 2004 and finished up in 2005. We have made MANY changes over the years, but this one surely is a big one, as far as aesthetics go.

With our cabin's walls all being pine board, it was so enchanting at first sight that we totally loved all the wood. I still do quite like it, but I find it a bit monotonous sometimes. We have not lived full time at the cabin since 2009, and so I was never really bothered to make any changes as we came and went.

BUT - then come CORNOA-19!!! UGH!!!!

The CORONA-19 VIRUS put quite a wrinkle into our lives - so many have been so much more deeply affected than we - but still, we changed quite a bit in our lives. We put our city house into an Air B&B program in Atlanta and moved to our weekend mountain get-away full time. My in-Laws live next door, and it is easier to be closer and safer in daily living in the process.

So, since we were going to be there for a spell, there were a few changes I wanted to make. The couch was the first one that I wanted to address, and you can read and see pics about that here. We are in LOVE with the new couch!

Next was the counter in our kitchen. We had Corian that we originally picked with the house. It has a built-in sink - and I didn't really mind any of that, but what I disliked was the "step-up". Our counter had split and then step up, which was really high. We had these great looking stools, which swiveled, but they don't have a back to them, and they also are hard for my shorter, height-challenged people to climb up on to. In short, I wanted a lower countertop, and I wanted more comfy chairs with a back. Twinkle, twinkle - wishes came true!

We decided we needed to have design meet comfort. I know granite is not the new "hot kitchen trend", but for our purposes, it totally works. We cook a lot, and we want a sturdy counter to put hot things on, and so we went with black textured granite. And it looks AMAZING!!!! As I write this, it just got completed today. Happy, Happy, Happy!

Next was the paint as paint has been on my mind, and so paint it is! We went with WS City Loft for the great room, with WS Black as Night for the beams and doors.

Below are pictures and videos of where we are to date, of the great room and our kitchen, that our great room is a part of. So far, so good!!!! I LOVE IT! I think it looks totally amazing and I couldn't be happier. 😎

Here is the paint so far! LOVE IT!!!


That's it for now!!! Painters should be done on Monday.... and I will update as soon as I can!

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