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Great Room Renno Update

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

So we aren't DONE YET, but we are mostly there... so here is a quick update as of now. Our contractor comes back on Monday next week to finish up 🤞. Now, if that rug would ever get here...

Here is a video of the great room:

Here are some still shots...

I had them paint the shutters along with the front door. They used a high gloss, which changed the orange color a little more than I wanted. It looks electric now, and I am having them come back and paint them black, the same black that is on the inside. I suspect it will look shiner in the black too, but I can handle that better than the orange. This orange has got to go!

It's pretty bright, huh?

Even in the snow, they are still too bright for me... but our sweet Kendall doesn't seem to care a bit!

We also ordered from wayfair these beautiful knobs, and Joe put them all in... aren't they gorg??? I just LOVE them!

I will update more after the lights are installed and the rug is in!

To see the progress (before) post, click here

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