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The Couch...

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Here is the Before & After of the couch in our great room. We bought this couch 19 years ago, and it has served us well!

Happily my sister took the "old" couch, and she is crazy happy about it! She says it brings her family together having a sectional where she and her 4 kids can gather and be together and play games. So, win-win all the way around!

We LOVE the new couch - it fits perfectly and it could not be more comfortable! We got it from our local store, Artful Ellijay - it took about 6 weeks as we custom ordered it, The prices were really reasonable, and it was a great experience! If you are ever in Ellijay and in need of any home furnishings... that's your place to go!

Here is the Old Couch

Here is the New one! Fabric snippets included....

The fabric featured is the couch, the rug, and the solids are the pillows - blue suede and fuzzy white...

Here is the "old" couch at my sister's house!

She and her family are loving their new space... Nothing makes me happier than when things come together - to fill a need and to satisfy a need. A couch for her, a couch for us!

Here is one a before shot, and an after shot...

We are still waiting on the new rug, it's been on order since Aug... once we have it all together I will update this too!

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