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Halloween Has Arrived!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It’s Time for the Ghosts and Goblins!

Although it has been so HOT down south, it is still October and Halloween is still around the corner.  I wanted to do a quick share on our sideboard – there is NOTHING new on here since last year!  Although I did buy a few more ghosts from Michales yesterday for the outside – everything was 50% off! They had the small ghost-ies for $2.99, so I splurged 😉 – see below for a pic of the outside with the ghosts.

Last year I made the white mason jar ghosts from an idea I saw on Pinterest…  here is where I found them.  They came out as cute as the pic, which if you ever go on Pinterest, you well know that does not happen very often!

If you want to make them, and don’t have time to click, here is how you do it:   Mason Jars turn into mummies when wrapped with medical gauze. Just brush the jar all over with glue or tape at the bottom middle and top, then start wrapping at the bottom, overlapping slightly and adding more tape/glue as needed. Glue on googly eyes and place a real or LED tea light inside. Voila! Instant Ghosts!

Also, my sweet friends Lisa and Tom came over and dropped off that cute little flower arrangement last night – and it goes perfectly!  Thanks, Lisa!  She is always so creative and I have been trying to get her to post as a guest here on this blog, and share her amazing mantle’s she does for EVERY holiday!  I’ll get her to do it one of these times…  😉

Ghost's and More!

Last year I found the two larger white and green ghosts at Michaels and I think they were the last two on the shelves…  they looked really cute and were easy to put up!  Just hang them on a nail and wallah!  They spin around slowly with the wind and look just spooky enough!

Then yesterday I was at Michales trying to find a way frame some art for some friends as a wedding gift (at a reasonable price – which I managed to do!  Yay!), and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the little guys that matched my big guys I already had, and I was sold!  Two were $2.50 and two were $5 – what a deal!

Here they are all hanging around…

Halloween outside the manor

Anyway, I hope Halloween is fun for you this year, and all the ghosts and goblins in your home are the ones you choose!

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