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Halloween at Lisa’s Lair…

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This is Lisa & Tom’s pad…  and she ALWAYS does the BEST decorating job for all of the holidays!  Every holiday gets special treatment and Halloween is no slouch on her list.  She does it with ease – she collects over time and she just makes it look fabulous – too fabu not to share!

For Halloween, it is a nice combination of spooky, sweet, charm and tons of creativity!!!

I made her take pics and send them to me – and I am hoping to spotlight her when the next holiday rolls around (hint, hint Lisa…).  I decorate a tiny bit for SOME of the holidays, but she really goes all out!  They have two mantles in their house and both are very prominent in their living space, so it is extra special!

Hit me up with questions and I’ll get them answered by her.

Enjoy the show!

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