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We have a rug we have had in our kitchen since we bought Magnolia Manor back in early 2016.  We give our dog, Benton, frozen yogurt as a treat when we sit down for dinner, so he is occupied and feels special for having said treat.  I usually just get OIKOS at the store when they have a deal – about $1 per yogurt – vanilla or plain – NO BERRIES!  Berries are bad for dogs, stick with vanilla.  Benton loves the yogurt and we love the distraction it provides.

Anyway, this rug gets pretty beat up with the remnants of yogurt slime that comes from this exercise.  We have to wash the rug very frequently and since it has white and grey in it, it shows all the black dog hairs and stains and such.  It gets washed quite a bit.  Every time a burned rubber smell wafts from the dryer as this cleansing process happens.  The rug itself is also starting to fall apart and I am vaguely looking for an alternative.

I have been to Bed Bath and Beyond (where I got the rug in the first place) and they didn’t have a replacement that grabbed me.  I just decided to keep my eye out for something and in time the right thing would come along.

The Solution

While surfing Instagram the other day and I came across an ad for a company called Ruggable.  Their rugs are made to be machine washable!  There is a rug pad that stays on the floor, and the rug goes on top and sticks to that so it doesn’t move around on the floor.  There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, you could fill your whole house with washable rugs!  PERFECT!

I ordered one after I saw the ad a few times, I have to admit.  I’m not sure why I waited, but it finally sunk in that this was the right rug for this space!

When it arrived in the mail I was so excited and had to set it up immediately.  I am totally in love with it!  The colors in our home run in the blue category – so I chose the jellyfish bloom in Navy.  The jelly fish on the rug look a little like the sun to me, but either way, I’m good.  It’s really cute in this space.  And so is Benton!

Benton had his treat on it last night and I was able to sponge off the left over yogurt! Crazy Amy Cat (yes – that is our cat Amy) has even spent some time on it, so all is well here at Magnolia Manor.  We all are in love with our new machine washable, stain resistant, waterproof, adorable rug!

Jellyfish Bloom Navy Rug from Ruggable

The Jellyfish Bloom Navy RUG from Ruggable!

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